Hello! Welcome to my shop, the Yasemin Tea Studio! The shop evolved from my blog Yasemin Tea that I started four years ago - 120 blog posts later and several yards of fabric purchased and turned into beautiful little skirts for my two girls, later into some bags, pouches, totes etc. I decided that for one the girl's closet can't hold any more skirts ... and two all of my friends already got a Yasemin Tea pouch for their birthday it was time to offer these little handmade treasures - each with a unique feature  and no two are ever the same! to a larger audience! Hence, the Yasemin Tea Studio was born! A brand new baby to add to our already large family of 5! I love my creative space - my blog YASEMIN TEA! It's been my way of capturing some of my family's adventures big and small. It's been my virtual sewing lab, my sanctuary. I've always been a 'maker'! I love to make things! I also enjoy helping others make things as well. To inspire others with my energy and my doing is a blessing to me. So here in my virtual studio you'll find inspiration and how to's to get you going, to make you into a proud maker, to have you experience what you can 'make' with your own hands!

Skirts, pouches, doll clothes and patchwork blankets (small & large) are what you'll mostly find in my studio. But if you feel like there is that one things missing that you would really like to have custom made for you please don't hesitate to contact me! I'm sure we can make that happen for you. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to read more about my life or the philosophy behind my brand please browse my blog as well at

Thanks for stopping by. And happy shopping!

Yasemin T.

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